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Wine frequently asked questions and answers


Do I have to get a red and a white?

No. We now offer a Mixed Membership (1 White Wine and 1 Red Wine) as well as a Red Wine Membership (2 Different Red Wines). Prices do vary with each membership.


What if I want to cancel?

There is no penalty for cancelling. Simply phone or email us and we will cancel your subscription.


What if I do not like the wine?

While peoples tastes in wine may vary, all of the wines we send are quality guaranteed. If you receive a bad or corked bottle we will replace or credit you immediately.


Which wineries will you be sending wine from?

While we like to keep it a surprise as to which wineries are coming up, we can tell you that they will be from the farmgate, boutique and estate wineries of British Columbia. No large volume producers. Small wineries are producing limited quantities of some fantastic wines that can only be found in select restaurants or at the wineries themselves. Everyone knows of one or two and we would like to expose you to many more.


How are the wines chosen?

We personally visit each winery and meet with the owners and vintners. Together we choose their best wines.


How do you price the wines?

We donit. The prices are set by the winery. We simply purchase the wine on our members behalf and redistribute it in smaller packages. We do not mark up the price of the wine.


Can I order more if I like it?

While we only have limited quantities of our feature wines, our feature wineries can be contacted directly to purchase more of your favorite selections. Check our links page for contact information.


What if a friend would like to join?

Please suggest to them to go on our web site, where they can sign up online.


Can I get more than two bottles?

Yes. We also have 4 packs. 2 of each selection.


Can I put my monthly shipments on hold when I go on vacation?

Yes. There are two choices here. We can hold each months selection for shipment when you return or we can simply pause your subscription until you get back.


Can I order from a previous selection?

The wines we are choosing are usually from limited production. What is available after the feature month will be sold out fast. Our suggestion is that if you want more you had better act quickly or you will be waiting for next years vintage. Ordering information will be available on the web site.


Can I join if I do not live in BC?

Yes, due to recent changes in federal & provincial laws we can now ship to most provinces and territories providing selections are for personal consumption and member is of legal age for liquor consumption in their jurisdiction.


I am still not sure...

Trust us, BC wineries are producing some really fantastic wines that you may never taste. Besides you can cancel any time if you are not satisfied so give us a try.


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